Sunday, April 18, 2021

Random Wax: 2020 Contenders Draft Picks Football

2020 Contenders Football Draft Picks:  This post has been sitting around for some time.  Probably picked these up the middle of 2020.  This pack was probably not the most exciting pack ever but some solid guys here highlighted by Baker Mayfield.  I do love his Progressive commercials.  
Tee Higgins had a really good rookie season for the Bengals with 67 receptions, 908 yards and six touchdowns.  Shenault Jr. had a really good year for Jacksonville as well while Reagor had a solid rookie season for Philly.
Devin Singletary has played well for the Bills (4.8 yards per carry over two years) and Alexander Mattison has been almost as good for the Vikings.  The Mattison card is a green parallel.  I like Contenders and this design is fine but it seems like the bottom could have been compressed a bit.  Fun seeing these guys in their college unis.

18 – Total Cards
1 – Legacy
1 – Game Day Ticket
1 – Collegiate Collections
1 – 2020 Draft Class
1 – Green Foil Parallel


  1. My niece is graduating from TCU in a few weeks. I'll have to see if she's ever met Reagor.

  2. Good stuff! I like the Tee Higgins card.