Friday, April 16, 2021

Ronald Acuna Jr. 2021 Topps Tin

2021 Topps Baseball:  Found this at the same time I found Heritage last weekend.  I was hoping for an Acuna and Trout tin this year but the Trout was already gone.  An Acuna tin is a good consolation prize.  This had plenty of current great players as well as retired greats on retro designs.  I'll kick it off with Yadi on this slick looking '86 card.  Really good photo and a nice add to my Yadi PC.  
We'll keep the retro theme going with more cool inserts.  Ryno is on a 70 Years of Topps insert.  That Arenado is a Chrome 1952 Redux.  Ozzie graces a Chrome 70 Years of Topps insert which is exclusive to retail tins.  Arenado and Ozzie are PC guys so two great adds and I really like these inserts.
The Twins are doing their best step back jumpers on this rainbow foil parallel.
While I like this year's design it feels pedestrian after those cool retro designs.
I've pulled most of these guys before in 2021 but nothing wrong with showing them off again.  Seems appropriate that I'd pull Acuna in his tin.
Plenty of good photos and cards found in this tin.
This is what the tin looks like.

The Cardinals have nice anchors at both corners of the infield after trading for Nolan Arenado.
League leaders.  'Nuff said.  Glad I was able to pick this up.  It ran $14.99 but I like the tins.   Fun find.

75 – Cards
6 – RC
5 – 1952 Redux
4 – Team
4 – League Leaders
2 – Future Stars
1 – Chrome
1 – World Series
1 – Rainbow Foil
1 – 70 Years of Topps
1 – Chrome 1952 Redux
1 – Chrome 70 Years of Topps
1 - 1986 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary



  1. Cool tin. I've never actually seen this in the wild - this year or last.

    1. I've been lucky for sure. Hopefully you'll run across some.

  2. Haven't seen them in the wild either. Just the boxes and packs.

    1. Good luck to ya. I know it takes some to find anything nowadays.

  3. Can't go wrong with Trout, Acuna, and some cool "retro" inserts.