Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Random Wax: 2021 Topps Heritage

2021 Heritage:  Let the baseball playoffs begin!  Mookie Betts and the Dodgers have a bye in the Wild Card round.  He knows a thing or two about playoff baseball having won two championships.  One as a Red Sox and the other as a Dodger.  Red Sox fans still miss ya Mookie.
Unfortunately, the cards in this pack had some dinged corners.  Always disappointing.  Nice Pete Alonzo appearance on this design that isn't a favorite of mine.
Leader cards are always fun.
I do like the In Action cards which help since torso shots are really all you get to see in these sets.  Flashbacks and Boyhood Photos are fun inserts.
I love getting to see the team stats from the postseason and they really hit here for the team that won the World Series.
Miggy is hanging it up after this season.  What career.  
Some youngsters here.  Not a big fan of this set but I still enjoy busting these and seeing players in a little different format.  Good luck to your teams today!

20 – Total Cards
3 – Action
1 – Leaders
1 – Rookies
1 – Flashbacks
1 – Rookie Stars
1 – Boyhood Photos