Sunday, November 19, 2023

Random Wax: 1994 Ted Williams Roger Staubach's NFL (3 Packs)

1994 Roger Staubach:   Finally get to showcase Roger Staubach in one of these posts.  I grew up in New Mexico and the Cowboys were king and this guy was everything to the franchise.  What a great man and player.  I'm a huge fan.  I was also a fan of the blue jersey though they weren't in vogue back then.  I actually had a Tony Dorsett blue jersey as a kid.
Big fan of this set.  So many great players from the league.  Many you won't see anywhere else.  Hall of Fame player after Hall of Fame Player.  Jim Otto and Bronko Nagurski.  Too cool.
Not a lot of inserts but the Golden Arms give you another look at great quarterbacks while Path to Greatness shows greats in their college unis. YA with the no face mask look How did those guys survive?
Pogs were a thing and they did them well in this set.  On cards they fit well and can be easily stored and dsiplayed like cards.
And we get greatness in the form of coaches as well.
Dawning of a Legacy showcase Brett Favre and Neil O'Donnell.  Yes Neil O'Donnel.  I don't get it either.
Some defensive line greatness and a guy they chased around a time or two, Bert Jones.  Jones was popular and had three really good years with the Colts.  These packs are so much fun.

30 – Cards
3 – Pogs
3 – Chalkboard Legends
3 – Dawning of a Legacy
2 – Golden Arms
1 – Path to Greatness


  1. Definitely a lot of names you don't see in sets anymore, although a couple do pop up in Donruss.

    Dawning of a Legacy got one right, and whiffed big time on another - but I can't blame them for being bullish on O'Donnell at the time. At least they didn't include Todd Marinovich!

    1. Marinovich really would have been a whiff! lol

  2. Staubach served in 'Nam for a year.
    O'Donnell had a feature article in Sports Illustrated. Not sure how much of the hype was him and how much was because he played for the Steelers though.
    Jones had a really strong arm. And he did the beer commercials of course.

    1. I feel I remember Bert Jones more from his exploits away from the field. Seems like everyone liked him.

  3. Great looking product. I'd love to stumble across a cheap box of this stuff to rip open on a rainy day. In the meantime... I might have to track down one of those POG sets.

    1. I say do it. Mine was a pack lot sale from eBay and I don't remember what I paid but it seemed reasonable when I picked them up last October.

  4. You don't see much of this set out in the blogosphere, thanks for showing them off!

    1. Agreed. Can't remember where I came across this one but it isn't one you see often.