Sunday, April 14, 2024

1991 Pro Set Football (4 Packs)

1991 Pro Set:  Another one of the boxes I purchased in March.  We'll kick it off with one of the best tackles the league has ever seen.  Anthony Munoz played in two Super Bowls, was a 9X All-Pro, 11X Pro Bowl selection and a member of the All-1980s Team.
Solid design here.  Similar to 1990 Pro Set (which I showed off last week) but different enough to make it stand out.  Still missing the team logo but I like the NFL logo being a part of the fronts.  Really good photography too.  Sterling Sharpe was soooo good prior to injury that cut his career short.  Shannon Sharpe is his brother and he was a 3X All-Pro, 5X Pro Bowler.
Bernie Kosar always felt like a guy fans liked, unless he was your starter.  He won a Super Bowl ring with Dallas after being traded mid-season by the Browns to Dallas in 1993.
Always enjoy getting coach cards and who doesn't hear "Playoffs?" in your head when you think of Jim Mora?
I like the 1990 Replay cards giving us highlights from the previous season.  It feels like these would work really well in cards today as well.
We have an Award Winner in that Ty Detmer card as well as a Dallas Public Service Announcement card and Official card.  More inserts in this set as opposed to 1990 Pro Set.  Not all are hits but I do like variety.
Another Award Winner card and a nice horizontal shot of Bruce Smith who looks like he has blood on his pants.  We do get a nice team helmet on the fronts here as well.
Love the art on these All-NFC teams which are part of Series I.  Joey Browner, Keith Jackson and Randall McDaniel on these.  All-AFC players are in Series II.
Solid players from the era.  What are the odds you'd get two players named Mark Carrier in the league at the same time?  There was also a receiver with the same name in the same era.
Tim McKyer won three Super Bowls during his career.  Two as a 49er and one with the Broncos.  He wasn't a starter in Denver and I don't remember him playing for them.
World League Football cards are part of this set.  They aren't bad but not a lot of names ring a bell.  Kerwin Bell's name did seem familiar but probably due to his time at Florida.
These hurt.  I love them as a set and concept.  Getting to see highlights from the Super Bowl is super cool.  But this game still hurts me deep.  
This NFL Newsreel card reminds us there was a war going on during that timeframe.
Who doesn't love Steve DeBerg?  He was always that guy who held down the fort on bad clubs until a team got their starter.  Unfortunately it wasn't until his age 36 and 37 seasons that he had two really good years, both with Kansas City going 21-10 overall.  By far the best seasons he had.
I like that the Award Winner cards included the college ranks.  These are so much fun and hold so many memories.  I'll show off more of over time.
60 – Total Cards
5 – World League Collectibles
4 – Coach
4 – Award Winner
4 – All-NFC Team
2 – Officials
2 – 1990 Replay
2 – Heisman Hero
2 – Super Bowl XXV Replay
1 - Dallas Public Service Announcement


  1. The art cards were the best part of Pro Set.
    Ken Norton is actually Ken Norton Jr. His father, Ken Norton, was the WBC world heavyweight boxing champion in 1978.

    Anyway, voting for Randall Cunningham.

    1. Good catch. There's some randomness sometimes with the names like that.

  2. Another great looking set produced by Pro Set. Munoz is one of those underrated players in regards to hobby love. I'd understand his rookie card only going for a few bucks if it was part of the overproduced Junk Wax Era... but his rookie card is from 1982.

    1. 1982! wow. Definitely underrated and unfortunately most linemen are.

  3. A correction. Kosar was released by Bill Belichick (while Vinny Testaverde was hurt), and then signed as a free agent with the Cowboys.

    I'm sure Cowboys fans were happy to have him when Aikman got hurt in the NFC Championship game that year.

    Kosar will always be one of my favorite players.

  4. Another great set from Pro Set. The photography is outstanding and you could tell that Pro Set really cared about putting out top quality product.