Friday, April 12, 2024

2024 Topps Heritage Hanger Box

2024 Heritage:  Saw these on the shelves last night and picked up a box.  Two-time home run champion Pete Alonso will lead it off.  He anchors my fantasy team but needs to pick it up after a slow start.  Power is there but the average is ugly.
Not always a fan of Heritage as the older designs aren't something I'm a big fan of.  This 1975 design isn't bad though and it seems like they've gotten away from the closeup head and shoulders pics which dominated previous sets.  Big plus to me.
Alek Thomas has shown plenty of power in his young career but hasn't shown he can hit consistently.
I like these MVP cards.  You get to see cards of players the year they won the MVP.  Fairly simple but I like it.
I really like the All-Star designations for players.  Great add here.  That first card is the back of the 2023 MVP card and then we have the Pete Alonso back.  The MVP back is okay but it really feels like they could have done better.  The backs of the base cards are fine but really do look dark to me.
Great player combo here.
Overall, I like the photos.  I realized I never did pick up any 2023 Heritage.  Hmmmm
Leaders cards aren't that exciting.  Feels like they could use a baseball or something else like we see on the base design.
That Freddy Peralta is a Low-Numbered SP which make up the first 100 cards.  Not sure how they chose players for those 100.
I really like these but I do think there could be more variety in the subsets.
$14 for 35 cards is a tough sell even with the draw of the retro look and feel.

Love seeing retired greats as always.  Wish there were more.  That 1999 design is not appealing at all.  The colors on that Hank Aaron card as well as the Brewers uni just don't feel right but I'm always happy pulling him.  I like these enough that I might grab more of these.  We'll see.
35 – Total Cards
8 – RC
5 – Most Valuable Players
3 – Retired Greats
1 – SP
1 – All-Star
1 – Leaders
1 – Baseball Flashbacks


  1. Someone on Night Owl's post commented about the Heritage logo blocking player names, and I didn't understand because he only showed the 1999 one where that doesn't happen. Now I see! The placement of the Heritage logo on the 2015 and 2023 ones is terrible!

    1. It is an odd placement. They could have put more thought into it.

  2. The MVP subset gave me an opportunity to own vintage cards of legends like Mays, Banks, and Berra. I wonder if there are any ten year old kids who feel the same way getting cards of Pudge and Chipper. I'm guessing probably not many... but I sure hope it attracts more kids to our hobby.

    1. Those really are fun. I really enjoy seeing the past MVPs.

  3. I picked up a discounted blaster of 2023 Heritage at WalMart a few days ago, maybe you'll luck into some. Thanks for showing off the cards!