Sunday, April 21, 2024

Random Wax: 2021 Contenders Football

2021 Contenders:  The draft is this week and hopes and dreams will start for many players and teams.  Patrick Mahomes is a great example of how teams can change the trajectory of their franchise with the right pick.  I was a fan of his from the get-go as he's a Texas Tech alum, but I had zero thoughts that Mahomes be the dominant QB we see today.
There were 22 cards in this pack I picked up in June of 2022 and wow did it deliver.  The first four cards I'm showing off probably gave us the best four quarterbacks in the league at the time.
I'm a Contenders guy so I know I've shown off plenty of these.  Myles Garrett is so dominant it's crazy.  Probably the best defensive lineman in the league with the retirement of Aaron Donald.
Not a big fan of Chain Movers but no complaints about a Mike Evans pull.  Jalen Hurts on the MVP Contenders insert.  I like the looks of those.  Winning Ticket is a bit gaudy but I'm okay with it.
Great receivers in the league.  Adams is now with the Raiders while Stefon Diggs is now in Houston via a trade.  I really thought Buffalo got fleeced.  The best pick they received, a second-round pick, is a 2025 pick.  They couldn't get a current year draft pick?  They need receivers and at this point they need picks to get them.  So frustrating.

April 3, 2024: Traded by Bills with a 2025 5th round pick and a 2025 6th round pick to Texans for a 2025 2nd round pick

These Playoff Ticket inserts are fun cards.  I wish we had more of these each year allowing us to relive the playoffs.
Mr. Swifty himself also makes an appearance for the Super Bowl Champions.  Kittle s one of the other great tight ends in the league and played in the Super Bowl as well last year.  Fun pack of cards and it's hard to argue about how good this pull is.

22 – Total Cards
1 – Chain Movers
1 – Playoff Ticket
1 – MVP Contenders
1 – Emerald Parallel Winning Ticket


  1. One of my students is a huge fan of the Browns and he mentions Myles Garrett at least once a week. Pretty sure he's used the word "dominant" to describe him too.