Saturday, May 15, 2021

2020 Topps WWE Women's Division Hobby Box (Auto and Printing Plate)

2020 Topps WWE Women's Division: This showed up at lunch and I couldn't be happier.  This was delayed from last year and went through a format change.  Originally a 24 pack box, hobby boxes are now a single 60 card pack.  You still get an auto and relic.  I had the chance to cancel my order when the change in format was made but I didn't and I'm so glad.  My auto was this gold parallel Sasha Banks #/10.  Great pull for sure.  Love her autograph and she is a name in the sport.  The roster auto gold parallels odds are 1:58 packs.  Nice hit but there was another great hit in this box...
The design is fairly simple but I like it.  Plenty of room for the nice photos you'll see here.  
That Charlotte Flair blue parallel is #/25.  
Love these inserts.  To some the differences may seem negligible but I really enjoy seeing these gals then and now side by side.
This isn't my other big hit but this Superstar Mat Relic is a hit.  It is #75.

These four are Roster card inserts which includes NXT UK wrestlers as well.  Bless Topps for giving Charlotte Flair the horizontal treatment here.  This classic pose of hers deserves the space.   
I also like these Breaking Barriers inserts.  Something about the bricks.  Good to see China's inclusion in the set. 
Action photos are fun as always. 
Plenty of good photos across the different WWE platforms.
And my other big hit is below - a Magenta Printing Plate 1/1.  Those also fall 1:58 packs which is actually better than base card red parallels which is like 1:228 packs.  No matter, it is still a really good pull.  I really enjoyed this box and with the hits is definitely a winner.  I would have preferred the larger amount of cards originally planned for this set but it is still good.  Was hoping for more Alexa Bliss in my pull as well but again I have no reason to complain. 

60 – Total Cards
12 – Roster Cards
6 – Breaking Barriers
6 – Superstar Transitions
1 – Blue Parallel #/25
1 – Superstar Mat Relic #/75
1 – Magenta Printing Plate 1/1
1 – Gold Parallel Roster Autograph #/10


  1. Congratulations on the nice autograph and printing plate. I'm glad you posted the cards of Asuka and Kairi.

    1. Thanks and I'm glad you liked the cards.

  2. Some great cards, and I like the design. I like the Sasha signature though - the dollar sign makes up for the fact it's really just an S and B with a couple lines.

    1. The dollar sign really does make it. Thanks.