Sunday, May 2, 2021

Mail Day: Trade with J's Sports Cards

J from J's Sports Cards on Twitter reached out for a trade and I want to show off the great cards he sent. This one really caught my eyes and of course looks like a real auto at first glance.  The Topps Through the Years cards are fun and I like that they also show off newer cards like this.  
I wasn't a fan of '86 Topps but I do like these retro cards with legends and current players.  I like that Aaron photo as well.
Plenty of fun cards including these Red Sox legends that include a Career Stats Clemens variation.
More legends.
That Pedro card is a diecut which is really cool.  I really like the design on the Clemens All-Star card.  We need more like that.
A couple of Braves show up on this League Leaders card.  I like that you don't have just the top two or three leaders on the front.
Some sweet Ozuna cards.  I was very happy the Braves resigned him in the offseason even if he'soff ot a slow start this year.  The Unleashed are an insert I didn't think I'd like but they are pretty cool.  

Devers is off to a great start this year for the surprising BoSox.

Wanted to show these great cards off and these aren't even all of them.  I'm very happy J reached out and with the cards he sent my way.



  1. From the thumbnail... I totally thought you traded for a Hank Aaron autograph. And I agree... that NL home run leaders card is pretty cool with eight guys. Kinda surprised they did it that way though, since it's Heritage and they didn't do that in 1972.

    1. I'll admit I had to look at the Aaron card multiple time when he sent pictures prior to mailing them off. I knew it couldn't be an auto but it is almost impossible to tell from scans or photos.

    2. I picked one of those through the years Aaron's up too, and man same thing, really had to look at several times. I posted about that too. Some high quality imaging they used.

    3. They're doing something right when they have everyone looking twice.

  2. That is a great mail day, congrats!