Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Asajj Ventress The Black Series 6 Inch Figure

 Asajj Ventress: Had this gal on pre-order for some time and was very happy when she showed up.  She's a cool character in the Star Wars universe and great looking figure.  As a big Star Wars guy I can't get enough of the Hasbro Black Series 6" figures.  The majority are so good and fanboys like me love 'em.
I don't know if there is a definitive Asajj Ventress look but this one is similar in styling I've seen with her character before.  This one is based on her character in the animated Clone Wars series. She is also a main character in the book Dark Disciple which is a good read. Beware there are spoilers at that book link.
I like the look from the back with the bare portion.  
She's pretty posable and the two lightsabers offers different options for posing.  I will say the plastic piece on the front of her "skirt" was key in helping her stand up in some of these poses.  Is that cheating?
Again this is a fun and good looking figure.  My grandsons get to play with her so I needed to grab some shots before she got carved up by a Wookie.  


  1. Great looking figure. Ventress was one of my favorite Clone Wars characters.

    1. She is pretty cool. Hard not to like her.