Friday, May 14, 2021

Random Wax: 2020 Bowman

2020 Bowman:  Have to say this pack probably felt quite a bit different when I opened it two years ago.  Boehm wasn't quite the player being chased in the hobby like he is today.  He's started off slow this year but had a great year last year with the Phils making expectations high for this guy.  This is a 1990 Bowman insert.

This set has a pretty good design that I like.  That Beck is a purple parallel #/250.  Some of these guys are still finding their way whereas players like Hoerner is already working on carving out his niche in the majors.
No matter how the players are doing it's fun to look at these with fresh eyes wondering if these guys have made an impression yet.
The set does include vets like Baez and Miggy.  Fun pack to look at now and have some hope that Boehm will become the player many think he will be.  

19 – Total Cards
5 – Chrome
2 – RC
2 – 1st Bowman
1 – 1990 Bowman
1 – Purple Parallel #/250

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