Sunday, June 13, 2021

2021 Chronicles Football Hanger Box

 2021 Chronicles Football: Found these in the wild so I picked up a hanger and some packs.  Overall I like the base design seen here.  Pulling a Jim Kelly was exciting and a great add to my PC.  
Good pull from this box.  Couldn't find the checklist but I'm assuming the base cards where you'll find veterans isn't too big.
The rest of the set is made up of young players across different Panini designs.  Gridiron Kings is always a favorite of mine and these are nice looking cards. 
Luminance, Legacy Rookies and Panini inserts.  The Legacy Rookie is a a shiny card and looks good in hand.
That backs aren't that great and have no stat lines.  
Classics come in these hanger packs.  They are okay but not overly exciting.  
Trying to remember the right word for these types of cards but they are see through.  I think folks into those will enjoy these cards.  Overall a fun box and I enjoy the variety the different designs give you.  I would like to see the veterans across the different designs but this isn't what this set is about.  

30 – Total Cards
17 – RC
6 – Gridiron Kings
4 - Panini
4 – Classics
2 – Luminance
2 – Retired Greats
1 – Legacy Rookie
1 – Rated Rookie
1 – Clearly Donruss
1 – Playoff Momentum


  1. I agree, that Burrow is awesome! I kinda like the Classics design, at least more than the others. Chronicles base cards don't interest me but Chronicles the concept is interesting.

    1. I think a team helmet instead of the generic Chronicles helmet would have helped.

  2. Is that Momentum Burrow made out of acetate? I loved it when they made those back in 1999.

    1. It is acetate. That's the word I was looking for.

  3. I am staying partial to my Steelers in saying that I like the Claypool and Polamalu cards. Are they available for trade?

  4. I love this stuff. I will be doing a post on an in depth set chase foe it