Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Mail Day: Trade with OhioTim

OhioTim and I have done trades in the past so was I happy when he reached out with more cards to send my way.  I was blown away when I opened up the package yesterday.  There are so many cool cards. I'll kick it off with football and this John Elway Two Minute Warning insert from 1993 Collector's Edge.  Definitely looks like a design you could see in today's packs as a parallel.
Tim did a great job paying attention to some of my different likes as a collector including the Wolverines (surprised he didn't just burn the cards being from Ohio) and my love of the Buc's Creamsicle unis. 

I don't receive a lot of basketball cards in trades but as a big NBA fan they a joy to see. Tim included some so I was pretty stoked.  These two are in the acetate family of cards from sets I've never heard of.  The first is from 1998-99 SkyBox E-X Century while the other is a Two-On-One insert from the 1998 Press Pass Double Threat set.  Great cards.
Plenty of Atlanta Braves and I really like this '96 Score Tom Glavine.  The photo and simplicity in design really do it for me.
The colors on the '95 Fleer design are groovy...really I do like them.  There were many stickers included which I was very happy to see.  I hardly had any until now.
All cool looking cards.  Those 90s Dominators are cards I've always like.  
Some PC guys here.
Another really cool card is this 2000 Fleer Tradition Halls Well Chipper Jones.  The corners are rounded helping it stand out from other cards.

Plenty of BoSox in my package.  Just liked the back of this Mo Vaughn card with him looking all cool in sunglasses.  Or maybe like he's about to kick someone's ...
Oh yeah there's NASCAR!  Dale Earnhardt and Rusty, my favorite driver, did plenty of hard racing against each other back in the day.  
Some Dale and Dale Jr. goodness as well as Kyle Busch who is my favorite current driver. 
The back of this Dale Earnhard Jr. 2003 High Gear Wheels Carmeleon says "SAMPLE" on the back of it.  Maybe a prototype? I like it.

We'll finish it off with some cool Calgary Flames cards.  Can't thank Tim enough and the cards really are fun.  This is only a small representation of what he sent.  The variety made it so much fun as did many of the really unique cards.  Great job Tim and your cards will be in the mail soon!


  1. I opened a lot of 1998-99 SkyBox E-X Century basketball... in search of VC and the other big rookies that year. It's such a great looking card design.

    1. Those really are some nice looking cards.

  2. Glad to hear that you really enjoyed the assortment of cards that I sent your way. I am going to start putting more cards aside for you.