Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Random Wax: 2019-2020 Chronicles Box Break (Suns and Jazz)

2019-2020 Chronicles Basketball:  More cards from Ben's breaks.  Again he has great variety in what he breaks at good prices so give him a look.  This post will show off Suns and Jazz cards I got from a Chronicles break as part of a random draw.  These teams could meet in the Western Conference Finals as Phoenix is already in the Finals though Utah still needs to take down the Clips.  The Suns' success owes a lot to this guy who has played great for them this year.
This set focuses on younger players and I like the variety you get.  Plenty of good designs from across the Panini brands.
A lot of Cameron Johnson who is a solid player for the Suns averaging nine points and three boards at the power forward for Phoenix this season.
This Rudy Gobert below is the only Utah Jazz card I pulled.  A Donovan Mitchell would have been nice as well but hey I'll survive.  Some fun cards and I like Chronicles though a bigger veteran's presence would be that much better.  

14 – Total Cards
13 – Phoenix Suns
3 – Panini
3 – Marquee
2 - Prestige
2 – Chronicles
1 – Score
1 – Utah Jazz
1 – Threads
1 – Luminance
1 – Hometown Heroes


  1. Wow. You hit the lottery with those randoms. I was listening to local sports radio yesterday and they were totally focused on the Suns. Seems like they are on quite the roll right now. I even considered digging into my box and looking for my autographed CP3 rookie card. They were saying he shot over 80% in the 4th quarter in their last series.

    1. The Suns are on fire right now. Have to think no matter who they see in the Conference Finals, they'll be favored to make it to the NBA Finals. And Chris Paul has been so good.

  2. Some nice Cam Johnson RCs, congrats!