Friday, June 18, 2021

2021 Topps Series 2 Hanger

2021 Topps Baseball Series 2: Found these in the wild so I grabbed a hanger box.  I like these 1965 Retro Redux inserts.  The large pennant and logo work great here especially with PC guy Yadi.
Not a bad design as I said in looks at the Series 1 cards. The photos are really good and stand out.

Young players are showcased with the Future Stars and RC cards per the normal Topps M.O.   
More '65 Redux and a Charlie Blackmon 1986 35th Anniversary insert.
Parallels in my pull included a Red Foil #/199, Gold Parallel #/2021 and a Royal Blue Parallel.  The Royal Blue are my favorites.
Team card.  Enough said but I do like their inclusions and the stats on the backs.
Series 2 isn't my favorite release of the year but it's still fun when I get to open new cards.  We'll finish it off with this Significant Statistics Acuna Jr. 

67 – Total Cards
12 – RC
3 – Team Cards
3 – 1965 Topps Redux
2 – Future Stars
2 – Royal Blue Parallel
1 – Red Foil #/199
1 – Gold Parallel #/2021
1 – Significant Stats
1 - 1986 Topps Baseball 35th Anniversary



  1. That Yadi is pretty cool. Love the 65 Topps design.

  2. I included some series 2 in the cards that I sent out to you. I like that gold border of Deshields in an Indians uniform. Unfortunately the Indians did resign him for this year.

    1. But you'll have a nice looking card of his.

  3. Nice to see players aging naturally in the game. Yadi looks weathered in that shot. Great card!