Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Atlanta Hawks Advance to the Eastern Conference Finals

 The Atlanta Hawks advanced to only their second Conference Finals in like 50 years with a gritty 4-3 series win over the 76ers.   It took everything the Hawks could muster but it secured a shot at the Milwaukee Bucks who come in after their own seven game series with the Brooklyn Nets.  At first glance the Bucks are deeper and seem to have the edge as is to be expected but the 76ers were the same going into that series.  I, and probably every other Hawks fan, would love to see Trey Young hit a higher percentage this series.  He is a great facilitator and fun to watch while also able to make a fan cringe.  Those 28-30 foot threes are great when they go in...but as exciting as they are he isn't Steph Curry.  Still he is the reason the Hawks are where they are and will be a huge part of what the Hawks accomplish against Milwaukee. My keys to the series is shooting.  The Hawks have a bunch of shooters and as we see with any team when they are hot they are hard to beat.  If not they can still win by being aggressive going to the basket but the Bucks are good rim defenders.  Should be fun.   I'm excited and can't wait to see what the series brings.  

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