Tuesday, May 17, 2022

1991-1992 Hoops Basketball

91-92 Hoops: We'll break out one of the packs I purchased on eBay last year.  I like this set.  The design is overly great but the set as a whole is fun.  The memories alone are worth it but there are also plenty of inserts though unless you are opening an entire box you may not find many.
Pretty solid pull in this pack with plenty of good big men including Vlade Divac and Brad Daugherty.  Daughtery is an owner in NASCAR as well as an analyst now.  Elliott was a smooth scorer for the Spurs.
Great coaches.
This guy was soooo good on defense.  You may not have looked for a bucket from him but he could anchor your defense like few others ever have.
More good bigs.  Smits is the more well known than the others as he starred for the Pacers on those really good 90s teams.  Donaldson was a big guy who shot for a high percentage every year while Schintzius just had great hair.  More than enough reason to be shown off here.  Love old basketball packs and this one is no different.

 15 – Total Cards
4 – Coach
1 – Checklist



  1. Never been a huge fan of this set. I think it has to do with my interest in 1991-92 Upper Deck. Their design was way better (in my opinion) than Fleer, Hoops, or Skybox. But I do like the coach cards in Hoops.

    1. Upper Deck was so good it did that to all other sets. I did like SkyBox but UD was king of the hill.

  2. Barkley wins it. Good combo of star player and cool action shot.