Friday, May 13, 2022

Random Wax: 2021 Topps Basetball

2021 Topps Baseball: Seems like I had a hard time finding fat packs of Topps baseball last year.  Lots of these smaller packs.  Can't ever go wrong with Mookie so we'll start there.  This was a pack I picked up last February.

Gerrit Cole is having another good year.  He is just so consistent and so good.
I'm still waiting on Bobby Dalbec to hit consistently.  He just isn't there yet.  Jo Adell is younger at only 23 and is still trying find his hitting groove at the Major League level as well.
These small packs can be hit or miss but this one was good.  Some veteran stars and younger players like Adell and Joey Bart, on the '52 Redux, who are projected as future stars in the league.
16 – Total Cards
3 – RC
1 – World Series
1 – 1952 Topps Redux



  1. Blowing bubbles while waiting for a pop up. Nice.

  2. I don't think I found any regular packs or fat packs of 2021 Topps, just the hanger boxes. I wonder where they all went.

    1. These might have been from a Dollar General that had them for a very long time. It's been tough and random trying to find cards the last two years.