Sunday, May 15, 2022

Random Wax: 1990 Score Football

1990 Score Football:  This set was a total of 660 cards over two series so those who like meaty sets will love this one.  It also means these packs may or may not have good hits.  We'll kick it off with a Hall of Famer.
The design is pretty straight forward.  I'm okay with it but where is the team logo?  Why wouldn't you get it in there somewhere? is it is.  They put a helmet on the back of these pretty cool backs.  Maybe there aren't enough stats but this is a good looking back.  A different photo, lots of color, that helmet, and plenty of information.
Overall this is one of those packs that brings back more memories than great hits.  Testaverde's years in Tampa Bay were very forgettable.  He lost 2/3 of the games he started and his touchdowns to interceptions was a horrible 77 to 112.  Still he had better days ahead of him and played until age 44 when he started six games for Carolina.

15 – Total Cards
1 – Super Bowl Trivia


  1. This set's design is okay. You're right... it could use a team logo on the front. The biggest problem is that this design followed one of their greatest designs ever: 1989 Score.

    1. I agree. After '89 the bar was set so high it was difficult to follow.

  2. You should chase down some 1982 Topps.

  3. The design is so-so, but the set is loaded with tons of great photos; even more so than the previous years set.