Friday, May 27, 2022

2021-2022 Contenders Basketball Blaster with Autograph

2021-2022 Contenders Basketball:  I was happy to find this on the local shelves since I'm a Contenders fan.  I'll kick this off with Kawhi Leonard, my favorite player in the NBA.  I know he was injured this year but he is only 30 so I'm hoping he can come back to be the dominant force he's always been.  Just gotta stay healthy and be on the court.
I think I still like last year's design better than this one even with that smaller photo last season.  This year's design brings back the background behind the player which I like.  Last year's didn't have it but it worked.  One hundred base cards here which means a pretty good pull especially in a blaster.  These three help highlight how good it can be.
Kessler Edwards is my auto from this blaster.  Never complain about pulling autos but this guy has a long ways to go to make this card a great pull.  Mitchell on the other hand had a solid season with the Kings averaging 11 ppg and 4 apg.  I like that Miami Heat jersey on this card.  More so than when I saw it on television.  
A couple Giannis cards help highlight the International Ticket inserts which also included a retired great.  I always liked AK-47.  So good defensively.
Many thought Embiid should have been the MVP this year.  I'm on board with Jokic winning but you have to think Embiid will grab one of those in his career.  Love seeing big men dominating in the league.
The backs have a good visual appeal with lots of color.  But I'll never understand why we are still seeing total stats on NBA cards.  Everything is about per game average in the NBA and the numbers we see here should reflect that.
This was a fun box.  Lots of good players and a brand I'm a fan of.  I've got some packs of these I'll show off in the future and I  think I'll grab more if I see them in the wild.

40 – Total Cards
2 – Red Game Ticket 
2 – Game Night Ticket
2 – International Ticket
1 – Retired Great
1 – 2021 Draft Class
1 – Rookie Ticket Autograph


  1. Trae Young's a stud, but he needs help. Been sitting on his Donruss Rated Rookie card and wondering if I should have let it go last summer.

    1. He does help in the same vane as Luka. He can't do it all himself. I was disappointed they resigned John Collins to such a big deal. I really like him but he isn't a good #2 in the NBA. They need another dynamic scorer.

  2. Thanks for showing off the box! I saw some packs a couple weeks ago and passed. I always associated Contenders with "buy if you haven't gotten any packs in a while" due to the small pictures of the player (half the card is the ticket), and since packs in the wild seem to be coming back gradually, I'm fine with avoiding the impulse buy.

    1. Definitely seeing more cards on the shelves and we all have those brands that are like that. And yes, leaving so little space for the photos wasn't good.