Sunday, May 22, 2022

2022 WWE Prizm Blaster

2022 Prizm WWE: Grabbed a few of these blasters at Wal-Mart and second guessed myself instantly. The price was $34.98 per.  I assumed they were in the twenty-something range.  They were hot for a New York minute so even the secondary market isn't that hot if I want to offload them.  So I opened one and I'm still thinking on the others.  I really liked this Prizmatic Entrances insert.  Prizm never shows that well in scans but the full bleed color top portion of the card really pops in hand.  And Charlotte makes everything look good...right?
The base set checklist is pretty strong at 200 cards in Panini's initial WWE Prism release.  It includes wrestlers across the platforms as well as retired greats.  Still trying to figure out what they were going for with Undertaker.  I guess I can kind of get it but I'm not sure it works for me.
I think I like the design, but I feel they could have done better.  I'm not a shiny card guy so the finer points on them are sometimes lost on me.
I like how the Gold insert scanned more than I like it in hand.  The background and border is more silver than I'd like.  I saw photos online that made them look like they had a black background and pretty cool.  Next Level are pretty nice and colorful.  And a nice looking Dusty Rhodes card.  So many fun memories of this guy.  
The first 100 in the set are horizonal cards.
This is another cool looking card with that background.  Good job on the photo.
My Green Pulsar pull.
The backs are fine with a repeat of the front photo.  
Decent Prizm debut for Panini.  Wrestling always lends to good photos and I think they did a decent job of getting good photos on cardboard.  I'll end it with a fun Bayley photo on this Fearless insert.  

24 – Total Cards
4 – Retired Greats
3 – RC
1 - Gold
1 - Fearless
1 – Next Level
1 – Green Pulsar
1 – Prizmatic Entrances


  1. Maybe the Undertaker is some rare "Shadow" variant?

    1. I was actually wondering that myself. LOL

  2. Now I don't mind the repeat photo on the back and the lack of stats since it's wrestling! Thanks for showing them off!

    1. The photo works since you don't really get the background on the front.