Friday, May 20, 2022

2021 Topps Opening Day Hobby Box (Part Deux)

2021 Topps Opening Day:  This is actually only me second 2021 Opening Day post and I'm a big fan of the brand.  I grab a hobby box every year and this is the second of me showing it off that box of cards.  Kick it off with this stud who took his talents to LA.  He's off to a good start with the Dodgers hitting .302.

With Opening Day's smaller checklist you'll normally get a good pull.
Young players are still a big part of the brand.
Who doesn't love the mascots?
More youngsters.  Gonsolin has had a good short career with the Dodgers and has an excellent 1.33 ERA over 27 innings this year.  Bart is struggling this year while Kyle Lewis hasn't played due to injury.
Blue Foil Opening Day parallel.
This is a fun insert that gets us a look at retired greats which I'm always on board with.
Always up for getting Justin May's hair into a post.
Not my favorite Opening Day insert design but they are usually fun designs.
Plenty of star power in my box.
Some decent photos as well. 

I never get tired of this card.  Always fun for me even with the micro text Topps went with last year.

252 – Total Cards
47 - RC
18 – Future Stars
14 – Retired Greats
12 – Mascot
12 – Legends of Baseball
7 – Team Opening Day
6 – Outstanding Opening Day
5 – All-Star Rookie Cup
4 – Blue Foil Opening Day Edition
2 – All-Star Rookie Cup/RC


  1. The Acuna is sweet... but the Swinging Friar is sweeter. I didn't realize Bart was struggling at the plate until I read it here. The Giants have been winning so many games, just figured everyone was hitting really well.

    1. The Giants are looking good. The West as a whole looks really good!

  2. I could help you with your needs from this set. I bought a hobby box of the product last spring. I have some needs for Mascots and Legends of Baseball inserts. I really like the blue foil of the Indians pitcher and the Lindor card.

    1. I'll let you know. It's been really busy so I still need to double check on what I need.

  3. Topps should return to the early days of making Opening Day a different border color than the flagship set.

    1. I'd be good with that. Just don't take away the Opening Day logo. ;)