Sunday, July 25, 2021

Random Wax: 2020 Score Football

2020 Score Football: The NBA season is over and NFL training camps are getting started.  This pack has been around for over a year now.  Garoppolo is looking for a healthy bounce back year.  It makes sense that he will be out after this year after the Niners drafted Trey Lance with the #3 pick.
So bummed to see Julio Jones traded by the Falcons but I get why they did it.  Team was hamstrung by the salary cap and someone had to go.  It was their own doing and doesn't make them better in the short term though.
Will we see Aaron Rogers in the huddle this year?  Huge question that still needs to be answered.  Can't wait to see McCaffrey back this year after an injury filled 2020.
In the Zone is just odd.  Not sure if the pink is supposed to signify some "Zone" or what.  
Deep Dive is another insert I don't really care for while I do like 3D.  The 2021 are a bit more fun with retired greats included.
Trubisky is a backup for the Bills this year.  Always good to have a veteran guy ready to go if need be.
While Shea Patterson didn't live up to expectations it is still a good excuse to show off those great blue and Maize unis.  Not a spectacular pack but still fun.  

40 – Total Cards
7 – RC
4 – Red Parallel
3 – Game Face
3 – Next Level
2 – 3D
2 – Deep Dive
2 – In the Zone
1 – Huddle Up


  1. Not one of my favorite Score football sets but I like the Packers huddle and 3-D inserts. Deep Dive is different, for sure.

    Hoping for a big year from McCaffrey and a quick return from Rodgers.

    1. Excited to see McCaffrey return. I'm a big fan and hope he can return to form. Definitely a simple design that isn't that inspired.

  2. Sure hope Aaron Rodgers is at the center of the Packers huddle this season ;D