Friday, July 30, 2021

WWE Slam Attax 2021 Blue Mega Tin - Alexa Bliss

 2021 WWE Slam Attax - I jumped onto Topps UK purely on impulse after seeing a few others posting some Slam Attax cards and these are just part of the order.  This Alexa Bliss Mega tin has 66 total cards including four limited edition gold cards.  Speaking of we'll kick this off with Australian Rhea Ripley who was the WWE Women's Champion for over three months earlier this year.  
I like last year's design more but I still like the quirkiness of these.  Slam Attax is a game but I have no idea how it works and won't look into it.  I love WWE cards much more than I should.  I have no clear collecting plan for wrestling cards, outside of a few PC wrestlers, and now I have quite a few more to add to the pile.  I purchased the Alex Bliss tin specifically and pulled none of her cards.
Lots of variety including retired greats.  You have to look at the checklist to determine what is part of the "base" set and what are inserts.  These are all part of the the "base" set of cards numbered 1-368.
Again more variety including cards of UK specific wrestlers.  I find it weird these are only on the Topps UK site.  Why don't they sell these stateside?  Shipping was about $17.50 for my total order and they took about six weeks to be delivered.  This tin was ~$18.
Logo card.
Again the variety is a big part of the appeal.
Some more "base" design cards.  
Championships card.
These cards are really fun.  We'll see where I go with it.  I'll show off more over time.  The tin, still in packaging, is below.  

66 – Total Cards
5 – PPV Booster
4 – Tag Team
4 – Limited Edition Gold
2 - Logo
2 – Championships
2 -2021 Breakout Stars
1 – Legends
1 – NXT UK
1 - Oversized
1 – WWE Icons
1 – Boss Booster
1 – Raw Heroes
1 – 25th Anniversary
1 – Thank the Taker
1 – Smack Down Heroes