Tuesday, August 3, 2021

2021 Olympic Trading Cards Blaster

 2021 Topps Olympic: With the Olympics in full swing I pulled the trigger on one of these blasters.  We'll kick it off with Carissa Moore who has already won a gold medal in shortboard surfing.
I like the simple design.  Plenty of room for the athletes. 
I pulled two of these For Pride and Country inserts.  The background photo is different on each card and pertains to the hometown of each athlete.  The backs seem like the same back as the other cards. If you can't tell, and I couldn't, Hughes is a rugby player.

I like the New to the Games! inserts.  Not sure about the Olympic Heroes card.  I'd like to see more though.  The Ellison is a bronze insert.
The backs have background information on the athletes which is good for getting up to speed on their accomplishments.
Nice seafood appearance.
This was a fun box.  I really wish they had more cards in them though.  Relics and autos are possible but those weren't in the cards for me.  I am enjoying the Olympics so I'm glad I decided to pick one of these up.

25 - Total Cards
2 - For Pride & Country
1 - Bronze Parallel
1 - New to the Games!
1 - U.S. Olympic Heroes


  1. Cool cards, although the one where the crabs are bigger than the athlete is a little odd!

  2. I've seen this stuff on a couple of blogs. Now I want a blaster.
    Congratulations on pulling Morgan! Shame her and her teammates won't be bringing home the gold. Hope Kokumai does.

    1. That's what did it for me. Saw other folks sharing.

  3. These cards look AWESOME! Hadn't seen them yet. Now I'll try to find a pack or two. Wish me luck!