Monday, October 18, 2021

1993 Star Hooters Calendar Girls

 1993 Star Hooters Calendar Girls: I like to add these to my October blogging as one, I do like this genre of cards and October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Make sure you are checking out Collecting Cutch's Save Second Base campaign.  He does this every October on his blog to up breast cancer awareness.  Check out what he does and you can visit the National Breast Cancer Organization to donate or get educated. 
The cards are simple but work.  We get photos which I assume are from their calendar shoots.  I actually prefer those of the gals in their Hooters uniform but I'm not complaining.  
Basic information on the backs of the cards.  I assumed the photos on the left were of the ladies on the front but the more I studied them <insert joke here> I don't think they are.  You'll find some of the same photos on different card backs and the ladies are from different Hooters locations in different states.
The hair definitely dates some of the ladies and photos.  I was okay with the hair back then and I'm still good with it now.
Measurements are measured to the 1/2 inch...just saying.
Fun pack.  How could it not be fun?  There were a total of nine cards with no inserts.  Have a good day and give a hoot!