Sunday, October 24, 2021

Random Wax: 2020 Score Football Blaster with Relic

2020 Score Football:  This design isn't my favorite from Score but I think it's growing on me.  Maybe it's just this nice airborne shot of Ezekiel Elliott or all the great photos from this box. 
Really good pull in this blaster.  
Photography on many of these cards really is good.  
Plenty of variety when it comes to Score.  Inserts and parallels help you from getting bored and give you more chances at star players. 
My relic. Seattle may be struggling but this guy is really good.
Really enjoying the photos on these cards.
Plenty of rookie star power as well I like the collage unis and logos.

I just don't get the Deep Dive inserts.  I try but just can't figure them out.  Fun blaster with a really good pull.  I picked this one up over a year ago but finally got around to posting it.  I enjoy looking back at these.  You get to see the Sammy Watkins card one more time.  I'm a fan of his and this is a great photo.

132 – Total Cards
35 – RC
6 – In the Zone
5 – Gold Parallel
4 – 3D
4 – Next Level
4 – Deep Dive
2 – Game Face
2 – Huddle Up
1 – 1st Score Relic


  1. Nice to see Score's still delivering the goods. Are they a stand alone company these days or are they owned by Panini?

    1. It's a Panini brand now. I like seeing Score live on even if it is under the Panini umbrella.

  2. Did not see any Steelers cards so I will say my favorite of the posted cards is the Chase Young since he is a Buckeye.

    1. Can't go wrong with Chase Young...well except in a Ohio State uni..😅