Friday, September 30, 2022

Random Wax: 2021 Topps Big League Baseball

2021 Big League Baseball:  How good is this dude?  Albert has had a really good last season as he marched to 700 home runs.  It's hard not to root for him and it was fun to watch.  He's been so good over his career.  You just have to overlook the rough patches with the Angels.
Great pull in this box.  I wasn't sold on this design to begin with but it's growing on me slowly.
A Rainbow Foil parallel #/199 kicks off these youngsters.
I always enjoy league leader cards and stolen base leaders are a fave of mine.
I really like the Wanted and Defensive Wizards inserts.  Both look really good.  I do wish Wanted had photos of the players robbing someone on defense.  Souvenirs isn't bad but doesn't blow me away.
I'm a fan of the backs. Nice color. They don't have all career stats so that is a negative if I'm looking for one.
Award Winners and Highlights are subsets in the set.

Fun pack of cards.  We'll end it where we started.  This Highlights card focuses on Albert passing Willie Mays with his 661st homer.

36 – Total Cards
4 – Leaders
3 – RC
3 – Orange Parallel
2 - Highlights
2 – Award Winners
1 – Wanted
1 – Souvenirs
1 – Defensive Wizards
1 – Rainbow Foil #/199


  1. Replies
    1. They did. Seems like I remember those teams that went to back-to-back World Series did as well.

  2. This set's base card design has really grown on me too. Except... I liked it when I first saw it... but now I really, really like it. And the backs are even nicer.

    1. It took me a bit to come around. When I saw the early release photos I wasn't so sure.