Friday, December 25, 2020

Random Wax: 2020 Donruss Football Rookie Holiday Sweater Blaster

 2020 Donruss Holiday Blaster:  Merry Christmas!  I said I wouldn't do another one of these but I couldn't pass it up when I saw more on my local shelves.  And it is Christmas so it seems appropriate.  I'll mostly show off some highlights.  One good thing is there were only a few cards that were duplicates of the other blaster so that is a big win.  Let's start with some Joe Montana greatness in a Chief uni.
Some really good star power in this box including these guys.
This is a solid rookie pull for this holiday relic. Jeudy is one of the leaders in receptions on the Denver Broncos.
Justin Herbert has had some up and down games but he really looks like he will at some point be the franchise quarterback San Diego is looking for.
Some rookie inserts.  Both of these guys are having a good rookie campaign and Jonathan Taylor has looked really good as he leads the Colts in rushing.
I was very happy with my pull and think this blaster out did my first holiday blaster in regards to base cards.  
Can't say enough about how I really like that retro '90 design.

Retired greats!  Love finding these guys in the different sets.  I pulled the Denver Bronco Peyton in my last box so this was a nice find. Fun pull and plenty of good cards make this blaster a win.  I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

88 – Total Cards
9 – RC
6 – Retired Greats
3 – Rated Rookie
1 – Retro 1990
1 – Elite Series Rookies
1 – Rookie Sweater Relic
1 – Rookie Gridiron Kings
1 – Optic Rated Rookie Red & Green Parallel


  1. Solid looking product. And the holiday relic is cool. My only issue is seeing Joe in a KC jersey. As much as I can't stand the Niners... I grew up watching him rep the Bay Area and would rather see him in red and gold. Anyways... enough of me blabbering about my wants. It's not about that today. It's about being merry and joyful. Merry Christmas Bulldog!

    1. I had to lead with Joe in the Chiefs jersey. You don't see it much but I know most folks from California don't look fondly on this. I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  2. You must have known I was going to comments on seeing another sweater relic I need :) Hope you hada Merry Christmas!

    1. I hope you had a Merry Christmas as well. The Relic is all yours.

  3. Merry Christmas! I like when the card companies to holiday sets.

    1. Merry Christmas. Just need more candy canes, presents and Christmas trees on the cards! ;)