Sunday, November 27, 2022

COMC Patrick Mahomes Pickups

Time to show off the Patrick Mahomes cards I picked up as part of that COMC purchase.  Only a few of them but I'm a big fan so I'm very happy with these.  This 2018 Contenders Draft Picks is a cool looking card with the Red Raider colors, uni and logo.

I like Contenders and this 2019 base design is my favorite.  Really like how they did the circle and logo.  I know that sounds simple, and maybe even dumb, but I dig it.  This MVP insert is also from the 2019 Contenders set and looks good.  I like full representations of helmets on cards.

Some wins here as I'm a big Mahomes fan and a fan of Texas Tech.  We'll finish it off with his 2017 Contenders Draft Picks Passing Grades insert.  Enjoy all the football today.  Chiefs take on the struggling Rams at home in a later afternoon game.



  1. Hard not to root for a guy like Mahomes... unless he's playing against a team you root for.