Saturday, January 22, 2022

2021 Topps Gallery Blaster

 2021 Gallery Baseball: I always like picking these up and they were on the shelve this morning so here we go.  Normally billed as an art release this year's set seems to have a lot more regular photos included in it.  We'll kick it off with the reigning A.L. MVP on a good looking card.
The design is one I like but why we don't have a team logo I don't know.  They could fit nicely in a corner. Maybe no color to keep them in the tone of the card.
Love seeing retired greats and there were some good ones.  The Big Unit and that hair is hard to beat. 
The back of the card highlights some of the things Paul Goldschmidt does to "Master his Craft". 
About a third of the cards are rookies.  The backs are okay.  Due to the delay on these coming out it took me a bit to wrap my head around there only being three months of stats.  I was like "what..oh yeah..."
Four Printer Proof parallels come in each blaster.
That blue parallel Ichiro is numbered to 75. The Babe Ruth is a MLB Originals insert while the Eric Hosmer is a Rainbow Foil Parallel.
Fun box of cards.  The variety and retired greats are pluses for me.  I wish there were more art as opposed to photos but I know the art in past releases were hit and miss.  I can't call myself a Gehrig guy per se but I love his cards.  He looks like a guy you want in your lineup.  

28 – Total Cards
9 – Retired Greats
4 – RC
4 – Printer Proof
2 – Rainbow Foil Parallel
1 – MLB Originals
1 – Blue Parallel #/75
1 – Masters of the Craft


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    1. Glad to hear. I haven't seen much on these so I'm not sure what others think.

  2. I like the frame, but this is a product that needs to be shelved and released every four or five years. If I were Topps, I'd also print it on that canvas card stock too.