Friday, December 1, 2023

2023-2024 Hoops Blaster

23-24 Hoops:  Hoops hit the retail shelves recently and as always I'm excited to pick some up.  I'll admit Shai Gilgeous-Alexander snuck up on me and I thought he'd be a flash in the pan.  Boy was I wrong.  He is a great player and proves it nightly on the court.
There are 300 cards in this base set which includes 50 rookie cards and 20 Hoops Tribute cards.  I do like the base design.  Works for a Hoops design. It's not real complicated and works for me.  I'm very happy with my pull in this blaster which included my favorite player in the league, Kawhi Leonard.
I pulled the man himself in my first box.  I'm sure he'll be highly sought after this year.  He's had a good rookie year but can definitely work on his shooting percentages.  He's shown flashes of what he could be in the league down the road and I know Spurs fans are excited even if the team itself is struggling to win and play defense.
More youngsters.  Marcus Sasser is the best of this trio averaging 8PPG in 17MPG for Detroit.
Wow those Arriving Now inserts are bright.  Not a favorite of mine.  Sensabaugh having a yellow jersey doesn't help.  The Rise-N-Shine relics are pretty bland.  Not much working here for me.
Pure Players is just confusing to me.  I'm actually okay with the look but the "Pure Players" with the water just really doesn't work for me.  Skyview is okay but not special.
A Dynamos insert I'm assuming is a reference to dynamite. Meh.  The backs are the normal boring black and white belts we are used to with Hoops.  That Steph Curry is a blue parallel which works well with the Warriors colors.
The Butler photo looks awkward but he is a favorite of mine.  Tatum may well be the MVP this year.  Still a long ways to go but he and the Celtics are looking good.
A couple of high flying photos and Boban.  Who doesn't love Boban?  Surprised to see him in the set but I'm glad.  I know he's a fan favorite.
Zion has been healthy!
These Hoops Tribute cards are part of the basic set and like last year, I'm sure many will think these would have been a good choice for the base design.  I wouldn't argue.  I like the design and these are favorites of mine.  It's also our only look at retired greats.  Great Vince Carter photo by the way.  Really fun box and great way to start off the season of new basketball cards.
90 – Total Cards
12 – RC
4 – Hoops Tribute
2 – Pure Players
2 – Blue Parallel
2 – Arriving Now
1 – Skyview
1 - Dynamos
1 – Greetings
1 – Retired Great
1 – Purple Parallel
1 – Rise-n-Shine Relic


  1. I will have to be on the lookout for these cards. I didn't even know they had been released. I like that LeBron card.

    1. It snuck up on me as well and I like that photo too.