Sunday, December 10, 2023

Random Wax: 2021 Donruss Football

 2021 Donruss:  We'll kick this one off with a pretty cool Justin Herbert Power Formulas insert.  Chargers are struggling this year.  Doesn't seem to be Herbert's fault.  Hopefully they can figure it out soon.  It's a shame to see his talent go to waste.
No arguments with any of these guys.  I really thought Dalvin Cook would have a bigger role with the Jets considering how good he is but that never materialized even with the injury to Hall.
Moehrig is tops amongst these youngsters as a starting safety for the Raiders.  
Two of the best along the defensive line in Watt and Mack who is having a great year (13v sacks) at age 32 for the Chargers.
Two Press Proof Blue Parallels of two of my favorites.  Enjoy seeing coach cards too.
Love my pull in this pack.  So many great players.  Definitely a win.

30 – Total Cards
6 – Retired Greats
4 – Rated Rookie
4 – Blue Press Proof Parallel
2 – Photo Variations
1 - Coach


  1. Plenty of good cards.
    Press Proof McCaffrey edges out base Mahomes for the win.

    1. A really good batch of cards in this pack. I woudn't complain about any of them.