Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Random Wax: 1990 Donruss Baseball (3 Packs)

 1990 Donruss: These are always fun to share.  Loved Eckersley.  He was originally a starter with the Red Sox but made his name as a dominant closer in the second half of his career.  
I love all-star cards and these are really good with the logo.  These players were all prominent in their time and of course Trammel is a Hall of Fame inductee. 
Never cared for the design of these MVP cards.  Nice photo of Tim Raines as an Expo.
Donruss only had recent year stats but it's better than none.  This card shows his transition not only from the Cubs to the A's but from a starter to a reliever.  A's really didn't give up anything for him.
Nice Rated Rookie pulls.  That Deion photo feels so out of place.  One he's a Yankee, and two there's no energy in that photo. 
Another great reliever in Dan Quisenberry to help end this post.  Loved his underhand delivery.  Ellis Burks is a favorite of mine as is those older Diamond Kings cards.  Lots of fun memories in these packs.

45 – Total Cards (3 Packs)
3 – Puzzle
2 – MVP
2 – All-Star
2 – Rated Rookie
2 – Diamond Kings


  1. Even though I'm a Red Sox fan, I must correct an error: Eck was originally a starter for Cleveland before making his way to Boston. It's a fun pack you opened, lots of notable names!

    1. Appreciate the correction. And he did really well for them.

  2. 1990 Donruss was the first packs I remember opening as a 6 year old. The rad design has grown on me over the years.

    1. One of my all-time favorites. Not sure if I was seeing it for the first time at this point in life I'd think the same thing but I do like it.

  3. I would have liked 90D a lot more had they utilized zoomed out photography more often. Eck and Juan Gone prove it.