Friday, December 8, 2023

Random Wax: 2022-2023 Chronicles Basketball Blaster

 22-23 ChroniclesKD and the Suns are figuring things out.  John Wall hasn't been healthy, but KD and Devin Booker are playing well as are the Suns.  If they can stay healthy I think Phoenix can be dangerous in playoffs.
Cade Cunningham is the lone bright spot for the Pistons.  Anthony Edwards and the T-Wolves are playing great defense and Trae Young is filling up the stat sheet again but he has to shoot consistently.  That Edwards is a Hoops Premium.
Banchero hot box!  I pull a lot of Banchero which is good.  He and Orlando are off to a hot start this season.
Ryan Braun and the Nuggets are reigning champions in the league.
Lots of young players in this set.
Plenty of shiny card designs in this set.
Fun box with so much variety.  Good pull too.
42 – Total Cards
35 – RC
6 – Absolute
6 – Luminance
5 - Vertex
5 – Pink Parallels
4 – XR
4 – Chronicles
4 – Rookies & Stars
3 - Prestige
3 - Esentials
3 – Marquee
1 - Pinnacle
1 – Dynagon
1 – Base Hoops Premium


  1. Tough choice for me actually. As a Duke fan and collector, I like the Banchero cards yet LeBron is my favorite player. I will Banchero this time since you pulled 2 cards.

  2. Back when it came out, I really liked 1991 Pinnacle Football and 91/92 Pinnacle Hockey. Over the years, they've lost its luster. But both look way better than that Pistons card. If they're gonna reuse old designs... the least they could do is use two different photos like they originally had.

    1. It is tough when they don't stay true to the original designs.