Sunday, December 3, 2023

Random Wax: 1991 Upper Deck Football (3 Packs)

1991 Upper Deck: We'll do three more packs of one of my favorite football sets of all-time.  Bruce Smith kicks it off.  He was an amazing player who helped the Bills to four straight Super Bowls.  He was the anchor on that defense and finished his career with 200 sacks, #1 all-time.

So many memories in these packs.  Andre Rison will always be remembered as an Atlanta Falcon but won a Super Bowl with the Packers after being waived by Jacksonville, and picked up by Green Bay, during the 1996 season.
Great insert pulls here.  Season Leaders are great and the checklist Barry card is too cool.
Williams once had 14 sacks in game and had 82.5 on his career.
Team MVP gives us another chance to see star players from each team.
Great cards and lots of fun.  Really enjoy these cards.

36 – Total Cards
5 – Team MVP
3 – Team Checklist
2 – Season Leaders


  1. The Moon checklist card stands out here. One of the best singles in this set IMO.

    Chris Doleman was/is very underrated. And Dennis Byrd's horrific injury was the first truly gruesome thing I'd seen in a football game (I was too young to see LT snap Joe Theismann's leg backward)

    1. It was horrible. I watched Theismann's leg snap and back then they weren't as hesitant to show the replay. Byrd really persevered but so sad how he passed.

  2. Cunningham wins it.
    Rison had his house burned down by Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, of TLC fame.

    1. Bad times for him. That was such a weird deal.

  3. Great action shots of Smith and Doleman. 200 sacks. That's so insane.

    1. I like Smith zeroing in on the QB with his eyes.