Friday, March 1, 2024

Random Wax: 2022-2023 Hoops Blaster

22-23 Hoops:  Great photo of Donovan Mitchell on this card.  Mitchell is one of the greats of the game, but maybe because he plays in Cleveland and because there are so many stars today, he seems to get left out of the conversation sometimes.
Showing off some of my favorites in the league today.  I really like this design.
Chet Holmgren is having a really good rookie season after missing last season due to injury.  OKC is having a breakout year with the young talent they've accumulated over the last few years.
The Spurs Arriving Now in force in this box!  Sochan and Branham are having solid years in San Antonio.
Like the Kawhi photo on that Skyview insert.  Pure Players can go away but no complaints about pulling a Doncic.
I've liked Aaron Gordon, on a Blue Parallel here, since he came in the league with the Magic.  That Trae Young is a Hoops Tribue Purple Parallel.  Spurs rookie appearance again on this relic.
Jaden Ivey is pretty good averaging 15 PPG and shooting 36% from deep.
If only LaMelo could stay healthy.
Everyone enjoys the Hoops Tribute cards as well as retired greats.  Really like that Anthony Edwards photo.
Kawhi is my favorite player in the sport today and this is a good photo of him.  More great players from the league.  This was a really fun box with the good design and good pull.

90 – Total Cards
13 – RC
7 – Hoops Tribute
3 – Blue Parallel
3 – Arriving Now
2 – Purple Parallel
1 – Skyview
1 – Pure Players
1 – Frequent Flyers
1 – RiseNShine Relic
1 – Rookie Greetings


  1. Voting for KAT.
    It's a nice design, but sometimes the names are hard to read. At least through the computer; maybe they're better in person.

    1. I'm with you. I like everything on the card to be easily read. It is a great KAT photo.

  2. Nice Chet! I still need to get a rookie of his